Raising Awareness and Funds to Support Research and Programs at the Kellogg Eye Center

MHBB 2017: MARCH 16 & 17, 2017


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Donate $75 or more to enter in the Grand Prize drawing.

Donate $50 or more to receive a March Hoops to BEAT Blindness t-shirt.

All donations of any amount to enter drawings for the prizes listed below.
Drawings will be held during both days of March Hoops to BEAT Blindness!
You don't need to be present to win, but you must donate prior to each drawing.

Congrats to the Winnes, thanks for your donations!!!

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Autographed Book "The Game"

Winner: Greg Mazurak

Alicia Curley


Starbucks Gift Card

Winner: Judy Smutek

An anonymous donor


Michigan Basket

Winner: Susan Stephan

An anonymous donor


Pizza House Gift Cards
(2 cards, 2 winners, $50 each)

Winners: Gaye Tuttle & Brandon Tuttle

March Hoops to BEAT Blindness



Winners: Fred Metzger & Annie Browning

March Hoops to BEAT Blindness


Michigan Ornament Bulbs

Winner: Steve Huls

An anonymous donor


Michigan Nail Polish

Winner: Steve Kotre (actually, his daughter and wife!! :) )

An anonymous donor


Michigan Ornament Sled

Winner: Sandy Baker

An anonymous donor


Candy Cane Shape Ornaments

Winner: Lindsay Schultz

An anonymous donor


Michigan Socks!
(2 pairs, 2 winners)

Winners: Kim Wooton & Carol Dacko

An anonymous donor


MHBB Tote Bags

Winners: Rex Patterson and Mary Hill

March Hoops to BEAT Blindness


(click here for a list of past Prize Winners)