Raising Awareness and Funds to Support Research and Programs at the Kellogg Eye Center

MHBB 2022 - CANCELED.TBD in 2023


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Thank you to everyone who helped with
March Hoops to BEAT Blindness !

We accomplished so much this year with everyone's help!


Special thanks to:

Donors & Sponsors:


David, Lindsay, Becky, and all staff at the Kellogg Eye Center for their help and support!

Danilynn, Ricky, and all the staff and management at Pizza House!

David and Customer Retention Solutions, Inc.in Portage, Michigan for all the printing assistance - great job!!

Greg and Sunrise Screen Printing for producing great t-shirts!!!

Martin, Ira, and Sam for the on-air interviews and call outs on their radio programs!!

Pat for running an office pool to raise funds for MHBB!

Alicia for collecting donations, providing a prize, and promoting MHBB at work!

All my friends who collected donations at their workplaces, encouraged and supported me
along the way, and showed up at Pizza House!